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1.5 m Washing Toilet Sprayer

1.5 m  Washing Toilet Sprayer washer

1.5 m Washing Toilet Sprayer

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This is the handheld bidet sprayer kit for the toilet, dual spray models make you enjoy personal hygiene, and you can control water pressure for spray adjust-ability.

We use super high-grade ABS parts that won’t rust or corrode – which is really important for any bathroom appliance.


Material: ABS

Finish: Electroplate

Color: White

Screw Size: G1/2

Hose Length: 1.5m


1. The perfect solution for personal hygiene. Bidet sprayer provides an easy and efficient way to get fresh w/ gentle rinse or jet spray. Dual spray setting-jet and soft for choice, can help to improve personal hygiene, provides a soothing, cleansing, sanitary wash with the press of a button.

2. More function. Use as toilet seat cleaner, bidet sprayer even can be used for a tub, shower, sink or faucet washer or even a water hose to give your dog shower.

3. The handheld toilet sprayer is made of heavy-duty ABS polymers which are leak-free and resistant to high pressure and avoid blasting.

4. Easy installation. Frustration-free to finish installation in a few minutes, no plumbers required and no difficult tools needed, only DIY tools are enough.

5. The spring design can automatically retract when it is not in use. An expandable water tube avoids falling on the floor saving room,water-saving too. 

6. Universal hose. Standard 1/2'' water interface (Screw Diameter 2cm), which is suitable for the common shower, faucet, and toilet interface. 

Package Included:

1 x Toilet Bidet Shower Head

1 x Bidet Bracket

1 x Water Separator

1 x Faucet Switch

1 x Retractable Hose



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Marta Jones

thank you for this product!

It will help a lot to protect me and my family in this hard time we are having.

Liam Smith

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Gabriela Williams

Firstly, thank you for delivering my order quickly, secondly, thank you for the wonderful gift, I wish you success and success!

An excellent product that I wish I had found earlier.


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