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A Letter to Our Customers

Stay Home- Stay Safe!

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Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation. The global coronavirus pandemic affects all our families, companies, societies, and way of life. During this time, I wanted to reach out and let you know how we dealt with the situation in PinkInBlack.

First of all, our hearts go out to anyone affected by the virus, either directly or indirectly. Our thoughts are especially with the patients, for whom we express our sincere wishes for a complete recovery. We are truly inspired by the selfless healthcare workers around the world who work tirelessly on the front lines of caring for those in need.

Second, at pinkinblack as well as yours, we focus on the health and safety of our employees, our families, and our communities. We also follow developments in exacerbating the spread of the virus, we work hard to maintain the health and safety of all our customers and try hard to maintain the progress of work according to the permissible limits.

The novel coronavirus is at the front of everyone's mind. As more countries, states, and cities choose how they respond to COVID-19 outbreaks, businesses are forced to follow suit, leaving many with a dilemma of how to shift their products or services to meet the current environment.

Despite the circumstances and what is happening in all countries of the world, we are still working hard for you!

As we go forward, we’ll be sure to keep you updated, and know that we always value your questions, ideas, and feedback.

Pinkinblack Team.


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